What is a Gratitude Collective?

‘Tis the season of thanksgiving, sharing, and gathering. Why not grow your very own Gratitude Collective? This is an inciteful and interactive series of questions that I put together to help you engage your friends, family, or followers in a fun and meaningful way throughout the holiday season. 

Here’s how it might look:

“Friends! Let’s do a fun and grateful thing together! Join me in creating a Gratitude Collective! For the next 20 days, I’ll be posting a question each day. Here are 3 ways you can participate. #gratitudecollective

  1. Share your answers to the prompt via words, photos, or links. 
  2. Simply enjoy browsing the answers for inspiration or great ideas. 
  3. Grow your own collective by sharing the question(s) on your own page, at your dinner table, or in the elevator with a stranger. “

For those of you with social media followings, you can create your own branded versions of the following questions in post form by using canva.com (a free design center.) Create your own questions or use the ones below. 

example of social media post created on canva.com

The Gratitude Collective Questions:

Day 1 – What is a Life-hack that you use and are grateful for? 

Day 2 – What is a thing about yourself that you or someone else once thought was negative but you now see it as a positive thing and are grateful for it today? 

 Day 3 – What is a morning ritual you do that fills your Happy-cup way up? 

Day 4 – What is a creative outlet for you that makes your heart sing? 

Day 5 – What is a book that changed your life or gives you warm fuzzies?

Day 6 – What is a fun or supportive group you’re part of that you wouldn’t want to live without? 

Day 7 – What is a meditative practice that showers you with a sense of gratitude? 

Day 8 – What is a parenting-related resource that you are so grateful you found? 

Day 9 – What is a “mistake” or tough lesson you are grateful for? 

Day 10 – What is an app or podcast that empowers you?

Day 11 – What is a Nature spot or getaway that you enjoy? 

Day 12 – Where is a local place you go to relax with kids on a cold winter day that you really appreciate? 

Day 13 – What is a relationship related tool or resource you are thrilled to have discovered? 

Day 14 – What is a housekeeping tip or ritual you are grateful for having? 

Day 15 – What is a comedy related thing that gets you cracking up every time? 

Day 16 – What was a moment of adversity or a sucky situation that you are now grateful for enduring? 

Day 17 – What is a musically related thing that you can melt into every time?

Day 18 – What is a self-care practice you do that leaves you feeling peaceful and happy? 

Day 19 – What is a Gratitude Practice that you and your family love doing? 

Day 20 – What is a holiday story or movie that tickles your hygge bone? 

* Hygge (noun) a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)

May blessings and beauty fill every crack and crevice of your life! Happy Holidays!

What are your thoughts?

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