Today I will be Creative Inspired Inspiring... with love and laughter and silent intention that weighs warm and heavy in the air affording, if only just a moment of space well held For a stranger, for a friend, for myself A space where less is more and meanings are louder than words and conversations are … Continue reading Today


I am a mush of greatness this morning Like oatmeal – with too much maple syrup Longing to seep everywhere and penetrate your salty skin Longing to weigh heavy on your scattered thoughts like a blanket of sweet truth “It is all here.”... I would whisper into your cold ears “It is all here just … Continue reading Greatness

mom’s poem (age 17)

A child still wanders through the lands that lived in library books and puppet shows I still run bare foot through puddles and stick my fingers in hot pools of melted wax, to remember the feeling of putting small “smell-good-hearts” in your cupped hands The smell of thrift stores, your infectious laugh Though lullabies and … Continue reading mom’s poem (age 17)

dad’s poem

These tendencies surface boldly from within, some from the day I started breathing, some from the times I lost my wind.. I pull them close and feel their urges and your shadow dances on the edges I still climb to high places my breath tugging at my throat so I can dangle my feet from … Continue reading dad’s poem