Boat names Seward harbor:

  1. Freedom
  2. Pt. No point
  3. Steller Sunrise
  4. Gimme Shelter
  5. Discovery
  6. Tribute
  7. Emotional Rescue
  8. Archetype
  9. Endurance
  10. Jazz
  11. Outa Wac
  12. Kruzof
  13. Starr
  14. Hope


  1. the world we perceive is a small slice of a vast, mostly invisible energy event.
  2. ordinary numbers and shapes represent eternal varieties, in a form made comprehensible to us.
  3. to ancient mathematical philosophers, the circle symbolized the number one.
  4. the Greek term for principles represented by the circle was “monad” from the root “menien,” to be stable and “monas,” oneness or unity.
  5. the ancient philosophers conceived that the monad breaths in the void and creates all subsequent numbers. (example: 111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321)
  6. the ancients didn’t consider unity to be a number rather a parent of numbers.
  7. they noted that unity exists in all things yet remains unapparent… for example any number when multiplied or divided by unity remains itself.
  8. we might say that “One” waits quietly within each form, without stirring, motionless, never mingling, yet supporting all.

Principles of a Circle:

  1. Equal expansion – a circle is formed from a single point, equally expanding in all directions.
  2. Cycles – circles give way to cycles which nurture and protects.
  3. Efficient space – the circle accommodates all shapes within itself.


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