I help people do things that involve words. Please reach out to me if you would like to propose a work situation.

Work Samples

How to proceed:

1. Send me a message using the form below.
2. I contact you to schedule a free discovery call. 
3. We create a game plan. 
4. I get to work.
5. You take a deep breath and resume residency in your zone of genius. 

Ps. My free offerings include;

Thought Partner meetings – A fancy way to say active listening sessions..You talk, I listen. That’s it. I’m also happy to brainstorm with you and offer feed back or suggest resources that are relevant, if that’s what you are looking for.

I can also offer an Anti-Advice reading – Which is my version of an intuitive card reading. I currently have 3 decks to read with, the Mothers Wisdom Deck, the Lunar Nomad deck, and the Life Purpose deck. I basically provide the cards and the company, you will essentially perform your own intuition driven reading. Because all the answers and guidance you need are within you. Facts!

Thanks for stopping by!

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