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Kenzie Snyderman is a writer and entrepreneur based in Alaska. Her writing has been published in places like the Northern Light Newspaper, Expressions literary magazine, and Understory literary magazine. She writes and hosts workshops on writing, communication, creative marketing, energetic efficiency, nature-based productivity, and simplifying work/ life synchronicity.

I value empowering communication, life-giving relationships, and peaceful productivity.

One of my passions is collaboration. I help empowerment workers craft messages that communicate their real, original, genuine, sincere, beautiful, selves so that they can clearly offer their unique and rich experiences to those they serve.

Here are a couple of recent reviews:

Mackenzie offers an outstanding service to her clients. She is professional, organized, personable and creative. She assisted me with several projects in a timely manner. Mackenzie delivers excellent communication and support. I highly recommend utilizing her talents.” – Amabel

“My business is very unique. Mackenzie was able to take my scattered thoughts and ramblings and distill them into clear communications to describe what we are about. She is very patient and listens intently to feel what you are trying to convey. She is great at coming at things from a fresh and fun perspective! If you need a writer, Kenzie is personable, professional, and insightful.” – Samantha

Mark Twain once said, “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

If you work with me your messages will not sound like all the other trending messages in your industry. We will not bore your patrons with regurgitated, well-used words. We will aim for genuine over generic, profound over popular. It will be fun and probably a little weird. But, the work we produce together will be drenched in memorable magnetism. It will light up the lives of those you serve and support.

If you would like to propose a work-relationship please send me a message at . I’m excited to hear about what you have in the makes and how I can help.

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